Marine Corps Logisitcs Command, Albany, Georgia
Marine Corps Logisitcs Command, Albany, Georgia

Key Capabilities Used

  • Warehouse Management and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Services
  • Transportation (Surface, Rail and Air)
  • Network Management
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Facilities Management/Operations
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Providing Logistics Support for Marine Corps and Navy Operations

Fulfilling the need for transportation, distribution, supply chain, and maintenance services in support of Marine Corps and Navy operations, Vectrus delivers the Marine Corps Logistics Command’s single logistics services contract for industrial base and contingency operations.  Inclusive of every U.S. Geographic Combatant Command, and other Department of Defense Agencies, the program provides logistics and supply chain services at select locations in the United States, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim in support of ongoing military operations and future logistics strategic planning .

Marine Corps operational level logistics support includes a variety of transportation, distribution, supply chain, and maintenance services in direct and indirect support to employed Marines. Flexible provision of varied operational level logistics services is critical to the success of the industrial base and contingencies, allowing employed Marines to focus on combat operations rather than distribution, maintenance and sustainment of assets and logistics services.

Strategically, Vectrus also provides worldwide, integrated logistics/supply chain and distribution management; maintenance management; and strategic prepositioning  capability planning in support of the operating forces and other supported units to maximize their readiness and sustainability and to support enterprise and program level Total Life Cycle Management.  Specifically, Vectrus is focused on the design and implementation of the Marine Corps Enterprise Lifecycle Maintenance Planning process to establish a comprehensive end-to-end process for maintenance planning and execution. ELMP is a collaborative approach to maintenance planning that is inclusive of all Marine Corps stakeholders.

Facility and Logistics Services

•Capturing USMC total depot maintenance demand and ensuring Program Objective Memorandum requests articulate both total and executable demands
•Integrating total depot maintenance requirements, irrespective of source of repair or source of funding
•Prioritizing maintenance funding from all sources based on Marine Corps objectives
•Implementing a system of performance measurement to identify areas for improvement
•Ensuring that up-to-date maintenance constraints, such as depot capacity and funding, are incorporated into all planning and execution activities
•ELMP planning for maintenance – from acquisition through retirement or disposal – focuses on ensuring sources of repair resources, repair parts, and equipment in need of maintenance are synchronized. Succinct coordination of these key factors assists with reducing the amount of time equipment is held awaiting repair parts or induction into the source of repair.  By improving total repair turnaround time for equipment,  Vectrus insures that the ELMP process helps the Marine Corps obtain its strategic objective of being organized, trained, and equipped to be a quick, agile, and flexible force.



Careers - we are hiring!

A few typical job examples:

  • Research Analyst
  • Distribution Process Advocate
  • Embark Specialist
  • Database Specialist
  • Shipment Planner
  • Mechanic
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