Exelis Services A/S awarded Thule base maintenance contract

Copenhagen, Denmark Monday, November 10, 2014

Exelis Services A/S in Copenhagen Denmark,  has been awarded a $411 million U.S. Air Force contract for base maintenance services at Thule Air Base, Greenland. The contract provides for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Air Base and is expected to run through September 2022. The 21st Contracting Squadron from the Air Force Space Command made the award.  Exelis Services A/S is a Danish enterprise, registered in the Kingdom of Denmark. 

“We are thrilled to be selected to provide support for this strategic U.S. Air Force effort and look forward to a bright future in Thule with our Air Force customer,” said Matt Klein, chairman of the board for Exelis Services A/S.

“Exelis Services A/S is fully aware of the importance of the Thule Air Base and the work we will be doing for Greenland and the citizens of this magnificent island. We know the job functions we are going to perform at Thule play an important role in educating Greenlandic apprentices and will offer good and competitive jobs to the citizens of the area. We intend to honor the expectations placed on us. We are looking forward to working with the Danish and Greenlandic workforce to make this endeavor a success and offer them good job opportunities.”

Employment on the contract will comply with all applicable Danish and Greenlandic labor laws and collective bargaining agreements. Exelis Services A/S will primarily employ the existing employees at Thule AB. The company is informed of and respects the obligation to take over the existing employees on their current employment terms in compliance with the Greenlandic Transfer of Undertaking regulation.  The Company will recruit and retain skilled, qualified members of the workforce and will conduct job fairs and in-person interviews when the transition period begins in February 2015.

The company understands and is aware of the wishes of the Greenland Self Rule Government that encourages the use of Greenlandic employees, and intends to participate in the Greenlandic Apprenticeship Program to the maximum extent practical for labor at Thule AB.

Exelis Services will be an integrated part of the Greenlandic society and will  open an office in Nuuk, Greenland as well as at the Thule Air Base. The Company has further ambitions in the Nordic region and will endeavor from its base In Copenhagen to win further contracts across the Nordic region and expand its business in Northern Europe.

About Vectrus

Vectrus Services A/S, formerly Exelis Services A/S, is a Danish company, registered in accordance with Danish laws, rules and requirements as a limited liability company. 

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