Do You Have What It Takes to Work for Vectrus?

Our employees do amazing work in challenging environments. We are the expert "pit crew" supporting our customer so they are always able to achieve mission success. Our teams go wherever our customer needs us to go, and we adapt to perform whatever they need us to do.

At a forward operating base in Afghanistan, our resourceful IT team built there own offices and workspace, including repairing surplus air conditioners.

Knowing how to adapt to different cultural environments is also very important for success. Managers sometimes wear local clothing as a sign of respect when meeting with Afghans, as shown in the photo above. We have employees from more than 20 countries working at locations around the world, which creates a fascinating workplace. Our values of integrity, respect and responsibility help us bridge the differences between people and work as a team no matter where we are.

When a mountain pass needs to be cleared in Afghanistan to support a police facility for the Afghan National Security Forces, there's no one to call with snow clearing equipment, so we hired local Afghans to help us open the pass.

We tackle enormous jobs for our customers, such as this water bottle recycling project on a base in Kuwait. We are looking for employees who can help us improve efficiency, provide excellent service and work safely in often dangerous environments.

With all the challenges we face, it also helps to have the right attitude and know how to have fun. In this photo, employees at Vectrus headquarters in Colorado Springs compete in a Halloween costume contest.

Release date

Friday, September 12, 2014